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Thriving Communities is excited to present a series of empowering events hosted at the Van Community Centre in Caerphilly. Thanks to the funding received from the Van Community Council, we’re thrilled to offer these events free of charge, aiming to support socially and economically deprived areas in Caerphilly. Join us for an inspiring lineup, including a scintillating concert with a renowned singer (who’s sung in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals around the world) and a series of workshops designed to empower, educate, and bring the Van community together.



Event 1: Concert, Cuppa & Cake with Peter Karrie


Date & Time: Friday, 15th September at 1:15pm to 2:45pm

Description: Kick off your weekend on a high note with a mesmerizing afternoon featuring the renowned singer Peter Karrie. Known for his spellbinding performances in Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, Peter will enchant you with his incredible talent. This event is perfectly timed for parents to attend and still make it back in time for the school run. Don’t miss this delightful hour to finish your week with a smile!

Event link: https://thrivingcommunitiescic.org/event/concert-cuppa-cake-with-peter-karrie/



Event 2: Self-Love Workshop


Date & Time: Tuesday, 26th September from 1pm to 3pm

Description: Join Thriving Communities for a transformative workshop on self-love and positivity. Discover the profound benefits of embracing self-positivity bias, and learn how self-acceptance, forgiveness, and self-value can enhance your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Understand how these positive changes can create a ripple effect in your life and beyond.

Event link: https://thrivingcommunitiescic.org/event/self-love-workshop/



Event 3: Positive Psychology for Parents


Date & Time: Thursday, 28th September 2023, from 1pm to 3pm

Description: Parents, this one’s for you! Dive into practical and down-to-earth tips for improving your parenting skills and nurturing happier, flourishing children. Explore the PERMAH model of Positive Psychology, focusing on Positive Emotions, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Health. Empower your children to build healthy relationships, embrace challenges, and develop strong self-worth for a fulfilling life.

Event link: https://thrivingcommunitiescic.org/event/positive-psychology-for-parents-workshop/



Event 4: Evening Self-Love Workshop


Date & Time: Tuesday, 3rd October 2023, starting at 7pm

Description: Due to popular demand, we’re offering an evening session of our Self-Love Workshop. This allows those with full-time day jobs to attend and benefit from the transformative power of self-positivity bias. Join us for an empowering evening of self-discovery and growth.

Event link: https://thrivingcommunitiescic.org/event/self-love-workshop-evening/



Event 5: Minimising Anxiety and Depression


Date & Time: Tuesday, 10th October 2023 from 1pm to 3pm

Description: Learn practical strategies and evidence-based techniques to manage anxiety and depression symptoms while improving overall well-being. This session will include elements of positive psychology and laughter yoga to brighten your day. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your mental health and find your path to inner peace.

Event link: https://thrivingcommunitiescic.org/event/minimising-anxiety-depression-workshop/





We invite you to join Thriving Communities for these empowering and enriching events hosted at the Van Community Centre in Caerphilly. As a token of our appreciation, we will be providing free refreshments, cake, and fruit at all events. For more information or to register your attendance, please contact Mel at 07590 592902 or email hello@thrivingcommunitiescic.org. Together, we can create a thriving and connected community in Caerphilly. We look forward to seeing you there!


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