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Thriving Communities have introduced a new and exciting donation-based counselling and coaching service to help you overcome anxiety, trauma, loneliness, low confidence and lack of direction in life. We have a panel of experts who can guide and support you to live a calmer, happier, more meaningful and balanced way of life.


Embrace Empowerment and Rediscover Joy with Thriving Communities


In the wake of the life-altering challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent upheaval of the cost of living crisis, we recognise that many among us are navigating through uncharted waters, yearning for the support and guidance that can illuminate the path to empowerment, balance, and happiness. The road may seem daunting, but you are not alone on this journey.


Our team of qualified experts can help you if you are:

  • Suffering from anxiety.
  • Feeling depressed and low in mood most of the time.
  • Struggling to switch off the overactive monkey-mind.
  • Feeling exhausted and burned out all the time.
  • Struggling to sleep properly.
  • Going through a prolonged bereavement process.
  • Feeling vulnerable, isolated, and lonely.
  • Lacking in focus and direction.
  • Have very little self-esteem or self-confidence.
  • Experiencing difficulties in your work, career or business.
  • Trying to create less stressful relationships.
  • Worried about your financial security.


Know that you have reached a safe haven at Thriving Communities – a place where healing, growth, and transformation intertwine to bring back the light that may have dimmed within you.

Shedding Light on the Need


In times of adversity, our collective well-being stands at the forefront of our concerns. According to a report by the BBC, citing data from NHS Wales, a staggering 903,805 antidepressant prescriptions were issued in the country between April and December 2020. This marked a 10% increase compared to the same period in 2019. Similarly, the British Journal of Psychiatry Open revealed that between February and June 2020, the UK witnessed a 6.2% rise in antidepressant prescriptions compared to the previous year.

 The pandemic’s ripples of change reached deeply into our lives, with the Lancet Psychiatry reporting an 18.1% surge in UK antidepressant prescriptions between March and June 2020 compared to the prior year’s same period. Notably, this increase was most pronounced in more deprived areas, underscoring the toll the pandemic has taken on our communities. 

A Guiding Hand Towards Flourishing


At Thriving Communities, we are driven by the belief that even in times of adversity, there is immense potential for growth. Our mission is to nurture your journey towards positivity and well-being through personalised support. Our offerings encompass:


Counselling for Emotional Resilience:

Supporting you in conquering anxiety and finding your way back to emotional equilibrium. Our Counselling services may include one or more of the following therapies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Existential Therapy, Mindfulness, Compassion-focused Therapy (CFT).

Positive Psychology (PP) Coaching:

Guiding you through the Martin Seligman PERMAH model, igniting positive emotions, fostering relationships, infusing life with meaning, celebrating accomplishments, and nurturing health. This approach is similar to the NHS 5 keys to wellbeing.

Energy Coaching with the Energy Alignment Method

The Energy Alignment Method is a unique technique of applied energy kinesiology. It’s a system that allows you to understand how your thoughts and emotions create your physical reality. When you adjust thoughts and feelings away from fear, struggle, lack and limitation and you engage in higher vibrational energy (love, gratitude and abundance), you can manifest hugely positive outcomes: in terms of your relationships, your work-life balance, your purpose, your finances and your physical health.

Your Transformation Starts Now

Please fill in the form below to register your interest and needs. This will also help us to signpost you to the appropriate service and how this can best be delivered (telephone, Zoom or in person):


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