Empowerment & Wellbeing Workshops

Our workshops are designed to empower and improve the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of individuals so that they can thrive both in the workplace and where they live.


What problems or needs are they designed to address?


Our Empowerment and Wellbeing workshops are aimed at introducing the PERMA model of Positive Psychology to individuals across South Wales, whether in the workplace or where they live in their local communities.


We address issues, such as

  • isolation & loneliness through our Friendship Friday workshops.
  • low self-esteem and poor self-image through our Self-love workshops
  • low confidence through our Building Self-Confidence workshops
  • anxiety and depression (non-clinical) through our Minimising Anxiety & Depression workshops
  • disempowerment through our Envisioning and Goal-mapping workshops
  • Carer’s compassion fatigue and secondary trauma through our CALM for carers workshops (for unpaid, independent carers) and The Care Home Happiness & Wellbeing Project for staff in care homes
  • low motivation and mood through our Living a More Joyful Life and our Alive to Thrive workshops
  • menopause symptom and distress relief through our Menopause Wellbeing in Action workshops
  • parenting skills and guidance with our Positive Psychology for Parents workshop (content can also be tweaked for schools to support educators)
  • past trauma release through our Power of Forgiveness workshops
  • scarcity mindset reset through our Attitude of Gratitude workshops
  • stagnation in life through our Science of Manifestation workshops

All these workshops are holistic in nature and look at the person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Soup4TheSoul Workshop Series


This started out as a warming space idea, but it became so popular that we have made it a core feature of our workshop series. Essentially we offer a 90 minute workshop per topic of choice that includes not just the workshop content, but an optional therapeutic mandala colouring exercise and a meditation to finish. You can either book these as a one-off or pick and mix between topics and create a mini series. Alternatively book them all. We’re happy to offer greater discounts the more you choose.

If you’re not someone who’s looking to host these, but an individual wishing to attend, then please check out our events page to see what, where and when the next set of workshops are running. These will either be free to attend or carry a small contribution to support running costs. Any and all profits are reinvested to support further wellbeing initiatives. If you don’t see one you’re interested in in the events section, please complete the form and we’ll put you on the VIP list and subject to sufficient demand, we’ll put this on for you.


Check out the slider below for more insight on the themes we cover. 

Friendship Friday

Created in response to a need to reduce isolation and loneliness in the wake of Covid-19, these events are aimed at introducing the PERMA model of wellbeing and teaching the 3 keys to being a good friend and making friends.

We have successfully delivered these across numerous locations in the Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent areas of South Wales.

Came to this with open mind and found great joy. Gave me a lot to think about.. (Oakdale event)


Very enjoyable. Learnt some new scientific facts.. (New Tredegar event)


An interesting, informative talk – found it very calming and relaxing.. (Georgetown/Tredegar event)

Self-Love Workshop

We teach the benefits of self-love (including self-care) and how it can enhance the quality of life and relationships in particular.

We have delivered and customised these to mixed audiences, women only and men only groups, including You’re Never Alone (a men’s mental health walk & talk group) based in Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent & Men.Talk.Walk in Abertridwr, Caerphilly.


Content    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Speakers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Really enjoyed today’s event. It was well presented. Think it would go down well in classes. (Risca event)


Lovely event. Very well presented with lots of practical tips for self-love and compassion. I feel energised and positive and much lighter. Love to come to more! (Caerphilly event)


Morning Esther, just wanted to thank you for such a positive and uplifting class last night. Really, really helped. Good thoughts going to sleep and good thoughts this morning! Thanks so much you’ve really made a difference. (You’re Never Alone, Brynmawr)


Very different and informative. (Men.Talk.Walk,  Abertridwr)


Was really useful and informative.  (Men.Talk.Walk,  Abertridwr)


Learnt a lot, will take a lot away with me. (Men.Talk.Walk,  Abertridwr)

Building Self-Confidence Workshop

An empowerment workshop, defining multiple strategies and tips for boosting self-confidence. Self-confidence is important for goal setting and achievement, for building great relationships, for managing stress and for taking considered risks to foster personal and professional growth.

I enjoyed learning some strategies, how to help me be more confident and just being in other people’s company. (Oakdale event)

The Power of Forgiveness

An empowerment and wellbeing workshop on forgiveness. During this workshop, we teach that forgiveness is an act of releasing and healing – letting go of what does not serve us. Studies have shown that forgiveness can improve mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and lead to healthier relationships. Forgiveness opens up the path to an expanded future, when we learn to let go of the chains of the past.

Thought-provoking. Will need to reflect on this. (Oakdale)


Really informative and got me thinking. (You’re Never Alone, Brynmawr)


Food for thought. (You’re Never Alone, Brynmawr)

Living a More Joyful Life

An empowerment and wellbeing workshop on joy and how to access more of it in our lives. Joy does not happen to us, we have to choose it  Children are great keepers of joy and we can learn a lot from them. This workshop shares many tips on how to experience greater joy on a daily basis and includes some fun interactive exercises, as well as a dose of laughter yoga.


Slide show was great. Loved the meditation at the end.


I enjoyed learning about joy and these sessions have been so helpful. I have taken away loads.


Really enjoyed content and sad I couldn’t come to other sessions.

Attitude of Gratitude

In this workshop we share the amazing emotional, social, physical and spiritual benefits of gratitude. We gently encourage you to start a gratitude practice through interactive exercises and through explaining the concept and benefits of a daily gratitude journal.

Very informative. (Risca)


It was uplifting and very enjoyable. Look forward to more. (Risca)

Clarifying Your Purpose

In this workshop we’ll teach you why it’s important to reveal your soul’s purpose to live a more enlightened, uplifted and fulfilling life. We also share some ideas and techniques on how you can get more clarity around your purpose, includes some inspirational quotes and a fun, explorative quiz.

Helped me to confront my fears and to think outside the box.


I learnt to believe in myself and not to be afraid in trying new things.


It taught me to look after myself in a different light.

The Art and Science of Manifesting

Learn in this powerful workshop the principles and practice of manifestation in order to create your best life.

Explore the 7 steps of manifesting and how to apply them to any area of your life.

Experience a guided meditation to raise your vibration and align with your true desires.

Participate in interactive exercises to help you overcome limiting beliefs and fears and connect with other amazing people who share your vision and passion for manifestation.


Enjoyed all of it – especially the EAM sway. Great to learn more regarding the background to manifesting.


i learnt to appreciate my worth and to follow my instincts


I got to understand the things that held me back. I loved the science of it – energy and how to manifest.

Specialised Workshop Programmes

Menopause Wellbeing in Action

A comprehensive 3-hour workshop designed to help you thrive during the menopause transition and beyond. Join us for an engaging and uplifting experience that combines yoga, laughter yoga, nutrition, positive psychology, and reflexology techniques to support your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


Facilities were good. It was a great day.


Nothing to improve. It was absolutely amazing.


Learned a lot of techniques & useful info.


Excellent afternoon, really enjoyed it!

Positive Psychology for Parents

This is a great workshop for both parents and educators.

Dive into practical and down-to-earth tips to improve your parenting and role model skills in order to nurture happier, flourishing children.

Explore the PERMAH model of Positive Psychology, focusing on Positive Emotions, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Health.

Empower children to build healthy relationships, embrace challenges, and develop strong self-worth for a fulfilling life.

Below are the takeaways that parents received from participating in this workshop:

About the messages we tel ourselves. Teaching gratitude to our kids.

Self-kindness – making yourself more of a priority to have a knock-on effect on your child.

How positive thinking can change a lot in your life.

It’s made me really think about the way I treat myself and be more aware of how I come across to others as in how I act.

The Care Home Happiness & Wellbeing Project

The Care Home Happiness & Wellbeing Project aims to boost happiness and wellbeing for staff and residents through the use of Positive Psychology strategies. A three-year study found that when work is meaningful, performance improves by 33%, leading to increased productivity. The project provides face-to-face consultations and tools to help create a care home culture that fosters happiness and wellbeing. Monthly sessions based on happiness or positivity themes are provided to encourage happiness habits for staff, residents, families, and volunteers. Accredited membership is available for care homes committed to fostering happiness and wellbeing.

CALM for Carers

CALM for Carers is a project that aims to boost the happiness and wellbeing of informal carers, who often experience a complex burden of care that can be overwhelming without proper support.

By encouraging carers to use strategies to develop resilience in their caring roles, CALM aims to make caring more enjoyable and meaningful. Members of CALM will benefit from face-to-face consultations and group attendance to learn tools and strategies to cope better with their carer role and experience increased personal well-being. CALM also promotes a monthly happiness or positivity theme and inclusive social and learning events, which encourages regular happiness habits.

CALM embraces scientific strategies like the Positive Psychology PERMA model of well-being, which has been proven to lead to a happier, more fulfilled life. By focusing on boosting happiness and wellbeing in carers, CALM is aimed at increasing personal satisfaction and strengthening care arrangements for the community.


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