Mind and Body Wellness Programme

Integrating breath work, meditation, mindfulness and yoga for holistic health

Empowerment Workshops

Workshops to develop positivity bias and improve wellbeing

Spirit of Nature

Fun, healthy outdoor activities to promote fitness, wellbeing and social interaction

Happiness and Wellbeing Groups

Community groups to encourage social interaction, fun activities and learning.

JUST LAUNCHED! Brand New Donation-based 1:1 Coaching & Counselling Service

Welcome to Thriving Communities’ groundbreaking donation-based counselling and coaching service, designed to guide you through life’s challenges with expertise and compassion.

Our team of dedicated experts specialises in aiding individuals navigating anxiety, mild to moderate depression, trauma, loneliness, low confidence, financial woes and the quest for life direction. With a panel of qualified professionals, we offer personalised support to help you discover resilience, embrace joy, and regain balance in life.

Explore our tailored counselling and coaching options, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Existential Therapy, Positive Psychology coaching, Energy Coaching with EAM (a form of energy kinesiology) and more.

Begin your transformative journey towards emotional well-being and empowerment today.

Thriving Communities is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company with a mission to create positive, healthy, happy and thriving communities throughout South Wales.
We are a group of well-being and positive psychology ambassadors who passionately care about helping and serving others and are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers
The company was founded in September 2021, but grew rapidly end of 2022 when founding directors Mel Jones and Claire Bellavia decided to bring on board two further directors: Dr Manmeet Kaur, a GP who is Practice Manager at Pengam surgery in Blackwood and who has championed the Mind and Body Wellness Programme, and Esther Apoussidis, an holistic therapist and Energy Alignment Method mentor, who is an expert in creating positive energy flow and living in alignment with your higher self. For personal reasons Claire stepped down as Director in July 2023. And most recently, in September 2023, Sandra Brown joined as a fourth Executive Director to lend her financial expertise and her passionate interest in breath to heal the body and mind.


Our Partnerships & Support Organisations:


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