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Our Happiness & Wellbeing Groups are designed to foster greater connectivity in communities with positive and life enhancing relationships (face to face and online), to create learning opportunities and incorporate fun activities, indoor and outdoor.

Examples of events run in the groups include monthly Concert, Cuppa and Cake, weekly Walk ‘n’ Talks, Cinema Suppers, Brunch Buddies, Days Out, (themed) weekend excursions, retreats, Yoga and Tai Chi for wellbeing, craft activities, self help book club sessions and much more.

The first group Hengoed Happiness & Wellbeing Group was set up voluntarily in 2019 (it now has over 830 members). Pioneered with social work values and ethics, the direct work of the group produced feedback from members which demonstrated that they derived significant, even transformative benefits. Please read the testimonials below for an insight into the value that members receive.

Due to the success of this group, Thriving Communities are planning to roll out this group concept to other areas of South Wales. The next group to be established in 2023 will be the Abertillery Happiness & Wellbeing Group. More details to follow in due course.


Testimonials for Hengoed Happiness & Wellbeing Group

Before Covid I had a good life with plenty of structure, routine and fun. However, as we came out of Covid I became very anxious and a lot of what I had done before wasn’t re-starting, eg history class, social indoor bowling wasn’t the same as there was no social aspect, the bar and restaurant were closed and the hot drinks machine had been vandalised, so it was bowl and go home rather than bowl and then sit around chatting and socialising. My sister was diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and her difficulties and memory loss increased exponentially during Covid.  All this left a huge hole in my life. I joined the Hengoed Happiness and Well-being group and at first I joined in the walks which I thoroughly enjoyed, walking in nature and meeting all sorts of new and interesting people. I found a number of people with whom not only did we click’ but they were also in a similar situation ie their mental health was suffering and they were looking for social interaction.  I then went on a couple of day trips with the group, on each of these trips I had a meal out at midday with company (one of my favourite things to do) and lots of laughs, chats, sightseeing etc.  The group offers lots of get togethers, positive reflections and wellbeing sessions and it has re-vitalised my life. I would say the people who run the group are ‘quality of life enhancers’ and life savers. They offer such a warm welcome to everyone and they appear to be able to remember everyone’s name, which made me feel that ‘I mattered’.  After a few weeks of joining the group I felt less anxious, and have now been able to reduce my anxiety medication. I have been taking medication for anxiety for 15 years and nothing has had such a profound effect on me.

Female in her 60s

Moved to the area about a year ago. i suffer from anxiety and agrophobia and am very self-conscious. i live with my husband who is also a member of the group and he is undergoing investigation for young onset dementia so we where both unsure of joining. It really is the best thing we could have done we have met and become friends with several people. I now go to events on my own, such as the social stitching classes and love it. I haven’t done crafts in years as suffered depression and lost all interest in things, now have re found my enjoyment in such things. I have also met with a few friends from the group outside of the group activities for coffee. My husband has also gone to a few things on his own if I have been in work.
This group is fantastic and i have grown in confidence and got higher self-esteem and now have things to look forward to not just work and home. I think every community should have a group like this. Thak you to Mel and Claire for all your hard work.

Female in her 50s

The group is wonderful there is so much on offer in the events section and anyone can make suggestions at any time as well. People can also dip in and out or participate as much or little as they want there is no pressure on anyone. There is however encouragement from everyone else in the group to join in. Me and my sister have attendef some lovely events and gone to some beautiful places. Things we would not have done on our own. It has broaden both of our horizons. We have met some people and widen our circle of friends. Thank you Mel and Claire and all the volunteers.

Female in her 60s

Hengoed Happiness & Wellbeing is a wonderful group, made so many friends, has so many laughs. It’s genuinely improved my quality of life before joining I never had many friends. Have made so many life-long friendships and memories I’ll never forget.

Male in his 30s


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