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Thriving Communities is built on 4 pillars. These pillars form an holistic approach to empowering individuals to live positive, prosperous, and healthy lives. We drive positive change in communities and workplaces through teaching and embodying the principles of Positive Psychology and adopting powerful practices for internal transformation and growth.

As of September 2023 we are introducing a brand new Counselling & Coaching service. It’s an opportunity to access counselling or coaching to help you overcome some of life’s challenges. It’s a donation-based scheme, so you pay what we think you can afford. All that is required is to complete the registration form to indicate your interest and areas of concern. You will then be signposted to speak/connect with one of our qualified counsellors or coaches to devise a programme that will address your needs.


Mind and Body Wellness Programme


The Mind and Body Wellness programme is a three year project which incorporates mindfulness, yoga, breathwork and meditation to support patients and the public (age 18+) across the Caerphilly and Gwent boroughs with their physical and mental health, including anxiety, stress and depression.

Its planned start date is 1st June. Visit the Mind and Body Wellness Programme page for more detailed information and to register your interest.


Empowerment and Wellbeing Workshops


We offer a broad selection of workshops on a variety of themes:

  • Self-love
  • Envisioning
  • Minimising anxiety and depression
  • Stress reduction and resilience building
  • The science of manifestation
  • Menopause wellbeing in action
  • From alive to thrive (an introduction to Positive Psychology)
  • Building self-confidence
  • Friendship Friday – how to reduce loneliness and isolation and improve social skills.

We can deliver this in person or online (or in a  hybrid format).

We can also design and deliver workshops to meet your particular needs. We recommend no more than 40 per workshop to allow free-flow discussion and interaction.


Spirit of Nature


This is an exciting programme of outdoor activities to give your mental, physical and spiritual health a positive boost. These activities currently include:

  • Nordic Walking (3 locations across the Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent areas) with fully accredited British Nordic Walking instructors
  • Meditation in nature
  • Qi Gong – an ancient Chinese form of exercise that incorporates the power of breath to optimise our physical, mental and spiritual energy
  • Forest bathing – an ancient Japanese process of relaxation, to soothe the nervous system and re-connect us to the abundant energy of nature.

Again for more detailed information, visit our Spirit of Nature page and register your interest or sign up for our activities.


Happiness & Wellbeing Groups


Hengoed Happiness and Wellbeing Group was the brainchild of Melanie Jones and Claire Bellavia. It started in 2019 and has since grown to an active Facebook group of over 830 members.

Through providing a variety of fun, engaging and interactive online and offline events and activities, such as an online book review club, Walk n Talks, Concert Cuppa & Cake afternoons, Cinema Suppers, Brunch Buddies, days out, retreats and themed excursions, monthly talks, the group offers opportunities to learn new things, reduce loneliness and isolation, foster new friendships, and to find new interests, purpose and meaning.

The environment is always inclusive, kind, loving and respectful. We embody the PERMA model of Positive Emotionals and Positive Relationships in all our interactions with group members.

We are currently in the process of expanding the concept to other areas of South Wales, starting in the Abertillery/Blanau Gwent region. Visit our Happiness & Wellbeing Group page for further details and how you can participate and get involved. You can also read a selection of our testimonials (we have so many, that one webpage is not enough to do them justice).

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